One-of-a-Kind Technology
Our catalytic technology is state-of-the-art utilizing a Zirconia Alumina catalyst support with a proprietary Nano-Platinum catalyst which fires at a very low 300F. Each device is equipped with two seperate therometers. The thermometers allow you to see the source temperature from the wood burning appliance and the catalytic temperatures from the device. Contact us for our "limited time" Holiday discount pricing. Click Here
Revolutionary Pollution Control Device

After 15 years of research, development and testing, we are proud to offer the revolutionary StoveCAT ECD Emission Control Retro-Fit Device for all wood heaters. The StoveCAT ECD simply attaches to the vent pipe on top of a wood stove to direct the pollutant filled exhaust through a state-of-the-art catalytic assembly. When the exhaust temperature exceeds the required catalyst light-off temperature of about 380 degrees F, the catalytic components convert the organic particulates and other criteria pollutants into harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide. Powered by a Clear Skies Reticulated Structure. See StoveCAT Components.

Then, at exhaust temperatures below the required catalyst light-off level, the catalytic system acts as a mechanical filter to capture and temporarily store organic matter. When the exhaust temperature once again reaches the catalyst light-off level, the captured organic particulates are catalyzed. The StoveCAT ECD is designed so that it doesn't cause any harmful back pressure. This is due to the unique three stage catalytic design. Watch Video
Unique Three Stage Catalytic System

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The StoveCAT ECD Retro-Fit Device is powered by a patented Three Stage Catalytic Cartridge. The most important feature of our three stage catalytic system is that the wood stove exhaust will continue to flow even if the catalyst becomes totally blocked with organic particulates. This is critical to insure that no spillage occurs under any conceivable situation during wood stove operation. If there is any buildup of organic material on the catalytic components, it will be burned off during the next high-burn period resulting in a self-cleaning device requiring no maintenance or replacement for at least 5000 hours of operation. 


In addition to reducing harmful particulates and gases, a key feature of this device is that it increases the energy efficiency of the stove. It does this by breaking down organic compounds in an exothermic reaction - a chemical or physical reaction that releases heat. It produces heat energy in a manner that needs less energy to create the reaction than the amount of total energy released. This additional energy is produced by the catalytic combustion of the organic compounds that are normally expelled into the atmosphere as pollution. Much of this catalytic energy will radiate back into the living area as radiant heat. More energy and less pollution.

Works on Virtually any Wood Heater or Wood Stove

According to US EPA, approximately 10 million wood stoves are currently in use in the United States, and 65 percent of them are older, inefficient, conventional stoves. Just 20 old, non-EPA certified wood stoves can emit more than 1 ton of fine particle pollution. In many areas of the country, wood smoke is the single largest source of PM 2.5.

The StoveCAT ECD is designed to solve this environmental crisis. It is designed to work on virtually any wood heating device with a flue system of 8" or less. There are hundreds of different wood stove brands and models. A simple stove collar is used to transition from the exhaust of the wood heater to the bottom of the emission control device.

This device can be easily installed in about an hour. Special adapters may be required for certain appliances. The StoveCAT ECD has also been successfully evaluated on indoor wood furnaces.
Has No Moving Parts and Doesn't Require Any Power

StoveCAT ECD Features & Benefits:


  • Reduces all Criteria Pollutants
  • No moving parts besides initial air intake adjustment
  • No catalyst movement or bypass required
  • No active control or electronics
  • No exhaust flow issues or back pressure problems
  • No additional regular maintenance
  • Safe management of higher temperature exhaust flow in stove pipe
  • No catalyst substrate degradation during projected lifespan of combustor
  • Simple combustor replacement after 10000 hours of operation
  • Improved heating efficiency
  • Easily installed by the homeowner
  • Affordable & Efficient
Average 80% PM Reduction

The StoveCAT ECD was tested at Omni Environmental in Portland, OR. The total reduction in particulate matter averaged 80% compared to baseline measurements from two different wood heaters and the average moisture content of the fuel was above 30%. Additional testing showed 80% reductions in PAH, VOC's and a 60% reduction in CO.

Test Report available upon request for Air Quality Regulators and Agencies.
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Why Choose the StoveCAT ECD ?

For many years, the US EPA and Air Districts across the US have been searching for a device or system that can be retrofitted to existing freestanding, uncertified, residential wood burning stoves that will significantly reduce the emission of fine particles (PM2.5) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) pollutants. They also wanted the device to be economical and easy to implement and not create a hazard to the occupants of the house or harm the environment in any way. We are proud to offer the StoveCAT ECD Emission Control Retro-Fit Device as the solution for all wood heaters.

The StoveCAT ECD is the ONLY passive system available to reduce wood heater emissions. Several other technologies are available that have computers, blowers, heaters or other complex system requirements. All of them require electrical power or maintenance. The StoveCAT ECD is totally passive with no moving parts and no power required. The The StoveCAT ECD is also the least expensive system to purchase and the least expensive to operate. The StoveCAT ECD also produces additional thermal energy. Much of this catalytic energy will radiate back into the living area as radiant heat. More energy and less pollution.

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