Wood Smoke Kills!  It's That Simple!

The smoke from your wood burning fireplace can seriously pollute your neighbor hood air. In fact, during periods when the wind is still, the hazardous particles and gases in smoke can accumulate to very harmful levels for days. Severe wood smoke pollution often occurs during calm weather, when the smoke can't be dispersed.

However, going inside and closing the doors and windows won't protect you, since wood smoke easily seeps through small cracks and holes. According to EPA, Most of the harmful wood smoke particulates that go up your chimney come back into your home.


These fine particulates are small enough to be breathed into the deepest reaches of our lungs. PM2.5 is associated with coughing, bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, COPD and even death. Senior citizens, and infants are most at risk but wood smoke has a harmful effect on everyone. Return to Home Page

The EPA estimates that the lifetime cancer risk from wood stove smoke is twelve times greater than that from an equal volume of second hand tobacco smoke. The elderly, newborns, children, adults who exercise rigorously and those with existing heart and lung disease are at risk for premature death due to particle pollution exposure from wood smoke. (American Lung Association, "The Perils of Particulates", 1-800-LUNG-USA). Wood Smoke Kills! It's That Simple! Contact us with questions @ healthyhearth.

However, you can change that! Healthy Hearth technologies are designed to reduce your risk of lung disease and protect your family, your neighbors and your community. Make the the right choice! Return to Home Page.