On A Mission for Cleaner Air

At Healthy Hearth, we are on a mission to improve the quality of the air we breathe and enhance the sustainability of the Earth’s natural resources through the promotion and sale of cutting-edge technologies for cleaner burning fireplaces. Wood Smoke from fireplaces is some of the worst pollution. The Particulates in wood smoke are so small that they can go directly into the bloodstream. Contact us with questions @ healthyhearth.

We are focused on the regulatory problems facing the wood burning industry today and aspire to meet the growing demand for clean burning technologies and green products. Healthy Hearth technologies are excellent solutions for retro-fitting existing wood burning fireplaces. Return to Home Page

If you burn wood in your fireplace, you are causing particulate pollution in addition to ligh levels of carbon monoxide and VOC's.

We are committed to providing revolutionary, cost-effective products of the highest quality that are specifically designed to improve the air we breathe, making our planet a cleaner and greener place to live. Return to Home Page

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