South Coast AQMD Wood Burning Fireplace Retro-Fit Program

The South Coast Air Quality Management District SCAQMD has included wood burning fireplace retro-fits in their 2013 Wood Stove/Fireplace Changeout. It is a targeted program for the select zip codes within the air district. The basic incentive is $100 and the low income incentive is $200. The prices for the PureFire Device are adjusted below to accomodate both incentive options. The standard price for the Retro-Fit Device without incentives is $599. The homeowner will be charged either $299 or $399 depending on income level. The homeowner will have to fill out the program voucher and Health Hearth will be reimbursed by the Air District for the incentive amount. Contact us with questions @ healthyhearth.

SCAQMD’s Wood Stove and Fireplace Changeout Program is a comprehensive program designed to improve public health in the Southland by reducing wood smoke from residential wood burning. To qualify for the program, you must fill out a Voucher Application and submit it to the air district for approval. Check the pricing options on the bottom of this page.  Return to Home Page

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The HearthCAT Emission Control System for Wood Burning Fireplaces
The HearthCAT Retro-Fit Device -

HearthCAT fits in most 36", 42" & 48" wood burning fireplaces. HearthCAT will eliminate most of the particulates and visible smoke and 90% of the carbon monoxide and VOC's.

HearthCAT will even increase the heating efficiency of the fireplace. Even when the fire is burning at temperatures as low as 300F, the HearthCAT is providing up to 1000F in radiant heat. Much of that heat is directed back into the living area.

This product is EPA Phase II Qualified to ASTM E-2558. It is tested and qualified as an add-on emission control system for wood burning fireplaces. The warranty guarantees that particulate emissions will continue to be lower than 5.1 g/kg of wood burned as required by EPA. Product will be delivered within 10 business days. Packaging dimensions are 25" X 10" X 10". Unit weight is 30 lbs.

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